Meadowvale Village and Surrounding Areas School Information 


Public Schools in Olde Meadowvale Village & Levi Creek 

Meadowvale Village Public School (JK-5)  
Levi Creek Public School (JK-5) 
Derry West Village Public School (JK-5) 
David Leeder Middle School (6-8) 
Mississauga Secondary School (9-12)
Mississauga Family of Schools Boundary Map 

Catholic Schools in Meadowvale Village & Levi Creek 

St. Julia Catholic Elementary School (JK-8) - map 
St. Barbara Elementary School (JK-8) - map 
St. Veronica Catholic School (JK-8) - map 
St. Marcellinus Secondary School (9-12) - map 

Interesting Facts about Olde Meadowvale Village 


The story of Meadowvale Village begins in 1819 when twenty-nine families emigrated from New York State and settled in this area. Due to the quiet pastoral beauty which greeted these early settlers, the area was appropriately dubbed "Meadowvale".

Early milling enterprises were established by James Crawford and John Simpson. Simpson quickly became an affluent member of the community and is considered by many as the founding father of the village. In 1836, Meadowvale had reached a sufficient size to be considered a village. Milling continued as the lifeblood of the community for many years, and the burgeoning village's prosperity was directly linked to the success of the mills.

Francis Silverthorn moved to Meadowvale in 1844, and, with his expansions to Crawford's mill complex, the community also acquired a grist mill. By the 1850s, there were two hotels, a wagon shop, foundry and a school to support the growing population.

Due to the well-preserved historic character of the area, Meadowvale Village earned the distinction of becoming Ontario's first Heritage Conservation District in 1980.

Meadowvale village is located adjacent to the largest business park area in Mississauga, with the second largest being located in between Meadowvale Village and Meadowvale along the Highway 401 corridor, where numerous major corporations have recently located their offices, factories and research and development facilities, including:


In recognition of its many historical buildings, Meadowvale Village was recognized as Ontario’s first Heritage Conservation District in 1980. To reduce traffic through the village, the Derry Road by-pass was built in the mid-1990s. Located about one kilometre north of the Old Derry Road, the new Derry Road is a major east-west traffic artery running from Mississauga Road to Mavis Road.

In June 2006, Meadowvale found itself in an international media spotlight, as a number of former Meadowvale Secondary School students were among those charged in an alleged terror plot to bomb well-known Canadian buildings and assassinate political leaders.