Annual Pumpkin Fair For Charity

Annual Cheque Donation

Why The Event Started

The reason Jeff started the Pumpkin Fair 20 years ago was to give back to the Community that has helped contribute to his Real Estate success over the years... the reason he choose The Credit Valley Hospital was they helped his son from the time he was 7 days old. His family were at the hospital every 10 days or so over the first 2 years of their son’s life and they still go there once a year for a check up. The Doctors and Nurses care of their son was second to none. The Funds raised originally were slotted to cover leg braces for kids that couldn't afford to buy them (they were only 50% covered by OHIP) The protocol has now changed for this treatment and those braces are no longer used. That is why we are now donating the funds to the surgical robotics program with its primary focus being on women’s urologic and gynecologic cancer treatment. (This is also a department of the hospital that holds personal meaning to Jeff’s family as well as so many other families throughout the community)